The NHancer Pro X is a single use device, consisting of a hub with strain relief, shaft, distal tip and torquer. The strain relief is to avoid kinking of the shaft. On the shaft depth markings are applied to indicate that the distal tip of the catheter is at the level of the distal tip of the guiding catheter (95 and 105 cm). As aid in positioning the tip of the catheter the distal tip is provided with radiopaque material to make the distal tip visible with fluoroscopy. The device provides a torquer that can be used to lock the proximal part of the catheter to the wire in such a way that the guide wire and the NHancer Pro X act as being one integral device.

  • Re-enforced shaft for optimal push
  • Torquer for optimal maneuverability

The catheter is intended to support a guidewire during access of vasculature, allows for exchange of guidewires and provides a conduit for the delivery of diagnostic contrast agents.
A guidewire is used to bring interventional devices (PTCA balloon catheters; Stent delivery systems) to and into the occlusion.

Procedures with a high level of complexity require enhanced guide wire performance which is not always possible to achieve with conventional devices.
The purpose of the NHancer Pro X is to facilitate the placement of a guidewire through an occluded vessel during Percutaneous Transluminal Coronary Intervention procedures, by protecting the guidewire and giving it stability.


Technical Specification NX31413525 (A-NX3) NX31415560 (R-NX3) NX61413525 (A-NX6) NX61415560 (R-NX6)
Guide wire size 0.014″ 0.014″ 0.014″ 0.014″
Usable length 135 cm 155 cm 135 cm 155 cm
Hydrophilic coating NDurance NDurance NDurance NDurance
Hydrophilic coating length 25 cm 60 cm 25 cm 60 cm
Proximal shaft outer diameter 3.0 F 3.0 F 2.6 F 2.6 F
Distal shaft outer diameter 2.0 F 2.0 F 2.3 F 2.3 F
Proximal shaft inner diameter 0.52 mm 0.52 mm 0.52 mm 0.52 mm
Distal shaft inner diameter 0.45 mm 0.45 mm 0.48 mm 0.48 mm

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