The NHancer Pro 0.018 is a single use device, consisting of a hub, a stainless steel reinforced shaft and a distal tip. As aid in positioning the radiopaque distal tip is visible with fluoroscopy. Three radiopaque markers on the shaft at distances of 5 cm applied to for measuring purposes are visible with fluoroscopy. The distal part of the shaft is provided with hydrophilic coating to reduce friction of the catheter in the vasculature. The device provides a torquer that can be used to lock the proximal part of the catheter to the wire in such way that the guide wire and the NHancer Pro 0.018 act as being one integral device.
The proximal end of the shaft is provided with a strain relief to prevent for kink of the proximal shaft.

The catheter is intended to support a guide wire during access of vasculature and allows for exchange of guide wires and provide a conduit for the delivery of diagnostic contrast agents.

  • Significant improvement in guide wire crossability
  • Enhanced wire torque and navigation
  • Flexible transformation of guide wire performance

A guide wire is used to bring the devices (PTA/ PTCA balloon catheters; Stent delivery systems) to and into the occlusion. Procedures with a high level of complexity require enhanced guide wire performance which is not always possible to achieve with conventional devices. The purpose of the device is to support the placement or exchange of a guide wire in small vessels or super selective anatomy for diagnostic and interventional procedures, including peripheral use.

Technical specification NHP1807025 NHP1809540 NHP1814060 NHP1815560
Guide wire size 0.018″ 0.018″ 0.018″ 0.018″
Usable length 70 cm 95 cm 140 cm 155 cm
Hydrophilic coating NDurance NDurance NDurance NDurance
Hydrophilic length 25 cm 40 cm 60 cm 60 cm
Shaft outer diameter 2.4 F 2.4 F 2.4 F 2.4 F