The Blimp Scoring Balloon Catheter is a rapid exchange single use device, consisting of a hub with strain relief to prevent for kinking of the hub to shaft connection, a proximal shaft made of a thin hypo tube, a polymer distal shaft in decreasing diameter to aid in entering small vessels. An expandable balloon is positioned at the distal end of the shaft having a radiopaque marker at the balloon center for aid in positioning. The marker is visible with fluoroscopy. The most distal end and distally from the balloon, contains the Rapid Exchange (Rx) section for the guide wire enabling to pass the guide wire over the balloon.

For aid in insertion of the Blimp in the guide catheter, depth markings are applied on the shaft to indicate that the distal tip of the catheter is at the level of the distal tip of the guiding catheter (95 and 105 cm).

  • Ultra low profile balloon
  • Unmatched dilatation capability due to scoring balloon
  • High CTO penetration capability
  • Scoring element for highly calcified lesions

The Blimp Scoring Balloon Catheter will be used to open the stenotic portion of a coronary artery, bypass graft stenosis and the novo chronic total coronary occlusions (CTO) for the purpose of improving myocardial perfusion. The small sized balloon is intended to dilate the initial opening in the stenosis.

The Blimp Scoring Balloon Catheter is 0.014” guide wire compatible device. The device will operate by having a relatively high burst pressure (nominal pressure 25 atm and rated burst pressure 30 atm.) to increase the ability to open the stenosis. Furthermore, the device will use the principle of “scoring”, which refers to create a principle stress on the plaque by having a solid small element outside the balloon. For the Blimp, this element will be the guide wire, which will be back-loaded from the tip of the device and exit just at the distal side of the balloon through the Rx port and is positioned along the balloon.


Model Balloon length Inflated balloon OD Shaft OD Usable length
BRX0605 5 mm 0.6 mm 1.6F 150 cm