Everyday Efficiency & Complete Revascularisation


June 5th      17:00-18:30    Italian    Bifurcations, Tortuosity, Diffuse Disease

June 8th      17:00-18:30    English  Bifurcations, Tortuosity, Diffuse Disease

June 19th   17:00-18:30    Italian    Antegrade, uncrossable lesions, ADR

June 25th   17:00-18:30    English   Antegrade, uncrossable lesions, ADR

July  7th       17:00-18:30    English   Retrograde PCI



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State of the Art Techniques on Everyday Efficiency by Italian Experts: Roberto Garbo, Alessio LaManna and Gabriele Gasparini
Webinar Series 1 - Bifurcations, Tortuosity and Diffuse Disease
Webinar Series Topic 2 - Antegrade, uncrossable lesions, ADR
Webinar Series 3 - Retrograde PCI